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6th Self Biennial International Conference
June 19–22, Quebec City, Quebec
e-mail [email protected]

12th National Conference on Collaborative Mental Health Care
June 23–25, Halifax, Nova Scotia
tel 908 356-5262
e-mail [email protected]

Harm Reduction Canada Conference
July 13–15, Ottawa, Ontario
tel 705 356-5262
e-mail [email protected]

International Conference on Mindfulness with Youth
July 15–17, Banff, Alberta
tel 780 356-5262
e-mail [email protected]

2nd International Copwatch Conference
July 22–24, Winnipeg, Manitoba
tel 204 356-5262
e-mail [email protected]

Canadian Mental Health Association National Conference
September 14–16, Kelowna, British Columbia
tel 250 356-5262
e-mail [email protected]

2011 International Conference of Residency Education
September 22–24, Quebec City, Quebec
tel 613 356-5262
toll-free 800 356-5262, ext. 176
e-mail [email protected]

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