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Healing justice

cover art by Jai Wax

Custody and caring

Striking a delicate balance in a forensic hospital... more >>

Wrong place, wrong time

One man's crusade to keep people with FASD out of jail... more >>

bars with dice

Betting on time

Why don't prisons offer gambling treatment?... more >>

Gail Low

Stopping the revolving door

Drug court workers help break cycle of addiction and crime... more >>

Image of women

"I believe in second chances"

Female offenders make strides towards community reintegration... more >>

Forensic mental health services

Meeting the challenge of illness and offending... more >>


Psychiatrists in blue: Improving police responses to people with mental illness... more >>

The last word

Do community treatment orders work?

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Editor's corner...

Ethics matters...

note from the editor

"Canadian penitentiaries are becoming the largest psychiatric facilities in the country," according to a 2010 report from the Office of the Correctional Investigator... more >>

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A view from CAMH

We have come a long way in how we think about and offer services for people with mental health problems who come into contact with police and the legal system.... more >>

research update

Recent studies from around the world...


More than just business behind bars...

myth busters

Fighting myths about youth violence...

Event Calendar

Upcoming events and notices... more >>


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